BrewPi-compatible fermentation tracking & temperature control software

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What is Fermentrack?

Fermentrack is BrewPi-compatible fermentation tracking and temperature control app. It is a Python & Django-based replacement for the brewpi-www interface, and supports many of the same features - as well as a bunch of new ones.

Fermentrack is open source and is licensed under the MIT license.

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Key Features

Easy Installation

Fermentrack can be installed by running one simple command - no command line experience required!

Multiple Chamber Support

Fermentrack supports connecting to multiple controllers at once, so you can control all your fermentation chambers from one interface

Arduino & ESP8266 Support

Fermentrack supports a variety of controller platforms including Arduino and ESP8266 to allow you to use whatever hardware works best for your environment

Native WiFi Support

For compatible controllers, Fermentrack natively supports WiFi connections, eliminating the need for a USB cable connecting the controller to the Raspberry Pi

Simple Controller Flashing

Flash the latest firmware for Arduino and ESP8266-based controllers, directly from within Fermentrack

Easy Device Setup

Fermentrack simplifies the device setup workflow to make setting up a new fermentation controller easy

Improved Timezone Support

Fermentrack shows your logs in your local timezone (but gives you the flexibility to change your mind)

Simple Upgrades

Fermentrack is constantly being updated with new features -- most of which can be installed with one click

Support, Code, and Documentation!

Fermentrack is community supported, and the primary authors are active on the HomeBrewTalk forums. If you have questions or run into any bugs, don't hesitate to reach out!